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From the very moment we begin working together, you will feel deeply supported as you explore what is coming up for you during this time of uncertainty. I will be your guide as we navigate through the confusion, frustration and feelings of hopelessness over the coming three to six months.

Knowing exactly what you want or where you’re headed isn’t important right now, you will find it becomes clearer as we journey forward together.

In the very beginning we spend some time talking about what’s troubling you, how your past has shaped you and has contributed to the disconnection you feel within yourself, with your spouse and possibly your kids.

As you begin to understand yourself more, heal any old hurts and trauma that may have been negatively effecting your life, you start to view yourself and those around you very differently.

As you unshackle yourself from the old disempowering ways of thinking and beliefs that kept you anchored as a victim, the authentic, empowered version of you is able to effortlessly emerge.

You reclaim your voice and begin to unashamedly speak up and honour your needs as a woman and Mother with respect and grace which not only empowers you but teaches those around you how to begin treating you differently.

As we enter the final phase, you are now very clear on what you want and the decisions you make about your life and family are now from a place of authenticity and truth. You have a deep, unshakable trust and respect for yourself and know you have all you need within you to design what’s next for you. It is here I help you put together the vital elements of creating your own thriving, happy and connected Family Nest.

5 Ways To Lighten Your Load & Free Yourself

Reclaim Your Voice

Reclaim your voice and begin to unashamedly speak up and honour your needs as a woman, Wife and Mother with respect and grace.

Free Expectations

Help unravel you from family entanglements so you are free to be your own unique individual, without the heaviness or burden of others expectations and unreasonable demands.

I Can Help You

Honour Who You Are

Truly honour and respect your empathic, sensitive nature. Having this beautiful nature is such a gift to those around you and the world at large however also being such a strong capable woman can often mean these softer, more feminine elements become rejected and buried within you.

Develop Self Care Ritual

Manage your energy, nurture and sustain yourself, recover from burnout and prevent it in the future.

Create Space

Unlock and release the elements in your life’s story that are still holding you back so you are free to design the upcoming chapters with a sense of freedom, ease and sweet anticipation.

Trust Your Ability

Get back in the drivers seat of your life, knowing you have deep trust in your ability to navigate instead of feeling like your hopelessly running behind the car, unable to even get in!

Matters Of The Heart

When we come to a truth of what really matters it becomes our responsibility to find a way back to wholeness. We are humans having human experiences and although we may feel alone on the journey we are not alone in how we feel. These are common threads that link us together however honour that each journey to this point in time is unqiue to the individual.



Being a Mother doesn’t mean we have to relinquish what brings us joy, what keeps our inner pilot light burning, what inspires us.  Motherhood is far from being an all or nothing gig.

Learning to surrender to it’s messy mishmash of interwoven creativity with structure, fun with discipline, fantasy with focus, messiness with tidiness and everything else in between, means we embrace our ability to be flexible.



For many Mother’s in our modern society, managing daily anxiety is always on the to do list. Some manage to keep the lid on the what seems like a pressure cooker ready to explode and for others it consumes their life.

Over the years I’ve noticed that unless women learn to gracefully say “No” and effectively delegate, prioritise or ask for help the number and weight of the demands from others can become excessive and overwhelming. Under this intense load, our ability to respond to the circumstances in our daily lives becomes compromised and strained and anxiety becomes our constant companion.



Most of us know what it feels like to be lost but many choose to ignore the gifts being lost brings with it. We tend to sweep the uncertainty under the carpet until it can’t be ignored any more.

As human beings we have a deep need and strong desire for certainty. It makes us feel safe when we know what’s happening tomorrow next week, next month. Having certainty in our lives allows us to plan and most of the time have a good idea of the direction we’re headed.

Feeling uncertain of our direction or purpose in life can be frightening, isolating and lonely or can be viewed as an opportunity to explore what got you here and how you want to do things differently from here on in.



To belong, to feel like we’re part of the greater whole and feel accepted unconditionally  is a desire felt very deeply by all of us human beings.

Universally we all have a fear of being disconnected from others and unfortunately this fear can lead to fulfilling this deep need within us in ways that don’t serve us.



At certain times in our lives it can feel like every road we turn down for answers leads to no where.

For many Mothers who enter The Nest, life is barely worth getting out of bed for in the morning. They are desperetly wanting to create something different for themselves but have no idea how to begin. Often they don’t even know what they want, they simply know they can’t go on like this anymore.



With the absence of traditional tribes and extended families living with more and more distance between them, the support we feel we need as parents is often difficult to find.

In saying that though the very capable, no fuss Mummas I work along side, tend to struggle when it comes to reaching out for help when they need it. Whether it’s from their husbands, children or friends, they often push through to the point of burnout,  filled to the brim with anger and resentment with  ‘having to do it all.’


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