One of the main reasons couples get in touch with me is to help improve the ever increasing disconnect that exists between them regarding their parenting.

One parent is usually a little more forgiving and lenient and the other thinks they’re far too soft and the kids are ruling the roost and getting away with murder!

The good news is you can effortlessly create common ground to parent from whilst maintaining your individual preferences and remaining true to yourselves.

This comes as a surprise to many parents. But don’t we have to be a united front?? Won’t the kids get confused or play one of us off against the other?

During the Parent Effectiveness Training program I explain how children do far better growing up in a family where their parents are living congruently and authentically rather than where the parents are simply playing a role. We all have good and not so good days, we all have different needs, likes and dislikes and just because we are parenting together doesn’t mean all of those need to be the same.

The key is in the way we communicate this to each other and our children.

I often find that when parents understand the science and human behaviour element behind effective parenting and how to practically express that, there is a willingness to come together and do what’s right for the emotional wellbeing of both themselves and their kids. They no longer argue about what’s right or wrong, effective or non- effective damaging or nurturing. I help get that sorted for you so you can get on with the business of being loving leaders of your family.

When done effectively both parents operate from a mutually respectful platform and the children grow up knowing that whilst we share common values and rules and boundaries, everyone has individual needs and preferences that should be honoured including their own.

Term 3 Parent Effectiveness Training courses: 
1. Week beginning 23rd July – Week beginning 10th Sept
2. Week beginning 30th July – Week beginning 17th Sept
3. Week beginning 6th August – Week beginning 24th September

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